It’s that time again!!! Prissy Sweet Cake Treats is in the running in another contest! Prissy Sweet Cake Treats is officially in the running to win the FEDEX SMALL BUSINESS GRANT FOR 2014!!! The GRAND PRIZE is $25,000 in cold hard cash for the advancement of one very blessed small business!! Loves you’ve been asking (from all over the world) do you ship? How can I get your treats in my area? Do you travel? The answer to all those questions could be YES, If Prissy Sweet Cake Treats was to win the small business grant from FedEx. I want to invite all of you to click on the picture icon above to read about Prissy Sweet Cake Treats’ goals and intentions with the grant money and support the mission by voting once a day everyday until February 23rd and inviting your loved ones to do so as well!!! I know we can do it Prissy Sweet fam!!!! Lets go loves….THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!! HELP PRISSY SWEET CAKE WIN AND WE WILL BE CERTAIN TO DELIVERING TO YOUR TOWN AND CREATING A BOOK SCHOLARSHIP FUND FOR COLLEGE AGE YOUNG WOMEN ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAKE AND EDUCATION…TWO THINGS VERY DEAR TO MY HEART! LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

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