Prissy Sweet Cake Treats Takes Aldo Shoes – Pentagon City!

Aldo Party Table Setup

OMG! The past weekend, specifically Sunday May 20, 2014 was a BIG day for Prissy Sweet Cake Treats! Aldo shoes in Pentagon City Mall (Arlington, Virginia) had their A-List private shopping party and Prissy Sweet Cake Treats served as the sole, premier sweet treats provider for the evening! The evening was fun, chic, high energy, and a complete SUCCESS! Guests, shoppers, and the Aldo staff all loved and raved over the Prissy Sweet Treats that were present at the event and decked out in varying shades of none other than PINK!!

The A-list Prissy Sweet Cake Treats sweets table boasted: Chocolate covered strawberries, banana pudding and strawberry shortcake dessert cups, pink pearlized gumballs, and of course cupcakes…mini simply strawberry and vanilla cupcakes were the star of the show!

The A-list private, VIP, shopping party is a two hour private shopping session for loyal Aldo shoppers. Shoppers enjoyed a 20% off discount on ALL items in the store, gift bags, Mary Kay tutorials/consultaions/raffle, and a selfie station in addition to the treats!

The experience was a complete delight as Prissy Sweet Cake Treats received a very warm and pleasant welcome from the entire Aldo Shoes staff and shoppers. For that, I want to express sincere gratitude by saying THANKS to the staff for their grace, warmth, help, and beautiful personalities…especially to store manager Adam Berlanga!! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to being apart of future Aldo A-list events or similar events at other local retailers and venues.

What do you think Prissy Sweet Cake lovers? Should Prissy Sweet Cake Treats continue to take to the area’s malls and local businesses? Sound off in the comments about your thoughts and where you’d like to see Prissy Sweet Cake Treats next!

More pictures from the Aldo A-list event can be viewed at the Prissy Sweet Cake Treats instagram page at!

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