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Prissy Sweet Cake Treats Takes Aldo Shoes – Pentagon City!

Aldo Party Table Setup

OMG! The past weekend, specifically Sunday May 20, 2014 was a BIG day for Prissy Sweet Cake Treats! Aldo shoes in Pentagon City Mall (Arlington, Virginia) had their A-List private shopping party and Prissy Sweet Cake Treats served as the sole, premier sweet treats provider for the evening! The evening was fun, chic, high energy, and a complete SUCCESS! Guests, shoppers, and the Aldo staff all loved and raved over the Prissy Sweet Treats that were present at the event and decked out in varying shades of none other than PINK!!

The A-list Prissy Sweet Cake Treats sweets table boasted: Chocolate covered strawberries, banana pudding and strawberry shortcake dessert cups, pink pearlized gumballs, and of course cupcakes…mini simply strawberry and vanilla cupcakes were the star of the show!

The A-list private, VIP, shopping party is a two hour private shopping session for loyal Aldo shoppers. Shoppers enjoyed a 20% off discount on ALL items in the store, gift bags, Mary Kay tutorials/consultaions/raffle, and a selfie station in addition to the treats!

The experience was a complete delight as Prissy Sweet Cake Treats received a very warm and pleasant welcome from the entire Aldo Shoes staff and shoppers. For that, I want to express sincere gratitude by saying THANKS to the staff for their grace, warmth, help, and beautiful personalities…especially to store manager Adam Berlanga!! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to being apart of future Aldo A-list events or similar events at other local retailers and venues.

What do you think Prissy Sweet Cake lovers? Should Prissy Sweet Cake Treats continue to take to the area’s malls and local businesses? Sound off in the comments about your thoughts and where you’d like to see Prissy Sweet Cake Treats next!

More pictures from the Aldo A-list event can be viewed at the Prissy Sweet Cake Treats instagram page at!

What’s New at the Prissy Bake Shop??

Well loves there is not a lot new but there are some great additions to the site for the season and permanently. If you follow Prissy Sweet Cake Treats on social media, namely instagram, then you know that the new permanent addition to the menu is the PrissyCake Jar! I have to say that the cake jars are my new favorite on the menu…for no other reason than they pack a lot of convenience…I mean A LOT!

Each PrissyCake Jar is a 16 ounce jar that holds 3 complete cupcakes complete with their accompanying frosting and garnish. The best thing about these babies aside from the spoon that each jar is equipped with is the airtight closure the jars provide for optimal freshness each time you open it to indulge in your Prissy Sweet Cake! You can pack the jars in your purse, keep it on the shelf at home, put it in the fridge…and they make great gifts!! Who would say no to a PrissyCake Jar donning a beautiful satin ribbon and a tag asking “will you be my bridesmaid?”?!!? That’s how great the jars are. They make great personal and thoughtful gifts/favors for any occasion; weddings, graduations, birthday parties, use them as invites…order a variety of flavors to be sent to a distant loved one!! The PrissyCake Jars are now on the menu for ordering on the site starting at $10…what a bargain for 3 cupcakes! They’re also available for shipping. For requests to have PrissyCake Jars shipped please email

That brings me to WHAT ELSE IS NEW! Oh loves, you all are in for a real treat for the summer months! From now until October 1st,prissycake jar ordering you may order any one of the “Summer Seasonals” flavors; State Fair, Cracklin’ Cracker Jack, Dreamy Creamsicle, Prissy in the City, and Mango me Pretty!! From ballpark and fair classics to a classic refreshing cool cocktail and a fresh summer fruit favorite, these new flavors are sure to add a lot of flavor to your events, cookouts, and sweet tooth! Just like regular Prissy Sweet Cake cupcake flavors, each of these flavors will be available to purchase by the half dozen, dozen. All flavors are available immediately!

Thank you all for checking in to see what’s new in the Prissy Bake Shop! Check back often as there is always something new on the horizon!

Happy New Year & Welcome!

were-openIT’S HEREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to officially open the Prissy Sweet Cake Treats (PSCT) online bakery! WELCOME EVERYONE! I am a complete ball of excitement and anticipation as I bask in this moment…another milestone for Prissy Sweet Cake Treats. Watching a dream come into full fruition has a tendency to do that to people though not to mention 2013 was a GREAT year for PSCT. Many of you have asked “what is your website?” or “Where can I place my order?”. I am happy to say you can do that right here. (more…)