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Prissy Sweet Cake on the go! Three delicious Prissy Sweet Cake Treats cupcakes packed in a pint size, airtight jar for ease of portability and convenience! Each jar contains one flavor of cake and its accompanying frosting and garnish in the inside and is packaged for convenience with a ready to go spoon for you to dive right into Prissy Sweet Cake Treats’ flagship confection…cupcakes! Not just convenient, but PrissyCake Jars make great gifts and party favors! Personalize your jar(s) by using the personalize tab with bows,labels, glitter, bedazzling, ribbons, etc . Additional charges MAY apply for customizations. PrissyCake Jars ARE shippable!

For orders of 4 jars or more, please select one flavor from the drop down and then note the rest of the desired flavors in the order comments field.

The number of flavors allowed per quantity is listed below:

4 jars = 2 flavors
6 jars = 3 flavors
10 jars = 5 flavors
25 jars = 7 flavors
50 jars = 10 flavors
100 jars = 10 flavors


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